Jaguar Connected watches are on trend in 2024

Trends that are here to stay. Jaguar connected watches are on trend. With their classic sports watch look, with physical hands and an attractive appearance, and with the extra functionalities, derived from the latest Jaguar connectivity technologies, these watches are a safe bet for a long, long time.

During the year 2023, the most popular watches among our customers have been Jaguar’s connected watches. These watches add a unique and highly personalized style, along with a range of intelligent functions such as call and message notifications, physical activity tracking, and mobile device music control, which are highly useful for all their owners.

Among them, the acclaimed model J889/1, adorned with a captivating blue dial and traditional sapphire crystal, shines among the elite. Its distinguished surgical stainless steel case and elegant two-tone bracelet merge in perfect harmony. Other models like the J888/2 with a black dial and stainless steel case and bracelet, and the J888/5 with an attractive dial transitioning from black to iridescent green, are also among our customers’ favorites.

The success of Jaguar’s connected watches reflects the growing consumer interest in watches that, while maintaining a sober and classic style, have a touch of technology that makes them much more than just a watch. It is no longer necessary to sacrifice the personal style generated by a watch like Jaguar watches to keep up with technology. Combining tradition with innovative technology has always been Jaguar’s great commitment.

Another reason to see that the trend for classic-style watches is still going strong are the pieces from the ACAMAR collection, which is classic and minimalist in style, and pays homage to the brand’s origins, in the heart of the art deco era. This collection is also among the favorites of Jaguar Swiss watch collectors. These watches are particularly distinguished by their elegant and sober design. Designed for the modern man who is looking for a watch that goes with any occasion, this collection is a tribute from Jaguar to the brand’s legacy from its beginnings.

Among the most admired models is the acclaimed J881/1, in a deep black dial and strap, highlighted by a golden stainless steel case. A watch featuring a small seconds sub-dial and a narrow bezel that contributes to a recognizable aesthetic at first glance. The J878/1 reference from the collection, in an all-silver colorway, shines with glamour and strong character on all four sides.

Whatever Jaguar model you choose to wear, you can be certain it’s an invaluable treasure for generations to come.

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