Jaguar The Chronographer: an automatic men’s watch that has it all.

Jaguar The Chronographer is a Swiss automatic watch that perfectly combines elegance and sportiness. Its stainless steel case and sapphire crystal ensure great resistance and durability. The Valjoux 7750 automatic movement offers exceptional precision and performance. Jaguar The Chronographer is a luxury piece that will become an icon in your collection. Its imposing size and bold presence make it a watch that does not go unnoticed.

A Masterpiece of Watchmaking

One of the most outstanding pieces in our collection of automatic watches is undoubtedly Jaguar The Chronographer, an automatic mechanical watch with a chronograph featuring a date, day of the week, and three sub-dials that assist in measuring time. This watch is a true masterpiece of watchmaking, with a combination of features and aesthetics that make it a unique piece. A watch that will stand out above many in any collector’s catalog, whether for its classic and sporty design, the mechanics hidden inside, its functionalities, or undoubtedly also for the size of the piece, which gives it an imposing appearance.

A Swiss Automatic Watch, Always a Jewel

In this case, Jaguar The Chronographer, like all the pieces manufactured by the brand, is made in Switzerland by the expert watchmakers of the group. From the development of the springs and the no less important screws to the production of wheels and gears, decoration of the movements, and assembly piece by piece, manually, the entire process is carried out entirely in the Swiss workshops of the brand. Each of the pieces we manufacture of this Jaguar Chronographer is cared for with all the love and attention of specialists in ensuring that Jaguar products satisfy all customers, no matter how demanding they may be.

In this case, the watch features a case made of 316 stainless steel, a material resistant to corrosion and water and known as surgical steel, for its quality and being an anti-allergenic material. No matter how many hours you wear it, this watch will not damage your skin. The front glass of the watch is made of sapphire, a highly hard material to avoid possible scratches, and equipped with an anti-reflective treatment, which guarantees excellent visibility in any lighting condition.

The mechanical heart of this piece is the famous Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, a high-end Swiss movement that offers exceptional precision and performance. Developed in the early 70s, this caliber continues to demonstrate, year after year, the quality and versatility of its design, used in a large number of luxury watch pieces throughout its history. In this case, this caliber is equipped with chronograph functionality and also provides the date and day of the week. In addition, it moves three sub-dials to keep its owner thoroughly informed.

The back of the watch has a screwed cap with a crystal that allows you to see the mechanism in operation, with a personalized oscillating mass in the foreground that is undoubtedly hypnotic and will attract the gaze of all the lucky ones who can see this piece.

The Challenge of Combining Elegance and Sportiness

Undoubtedly one of the most outstanding aspects of this collection is the forcefulness of its presence. It is felt on the wrist, and its aesthetics and size make it impossible to go unnoticed.

The classic and elegant design of its dial, at different heights, combined with the arrangement of the sub-dials and the perfect integration of the chronograph pushers in the case, while at the same time protecting a crown signed with the brand’s logo, create a set of almost minimalist strokes in an object of opulent and generous dimensions. The preferred spot reserved for the date and day of the week guarantees perfect visibility at first glance.

Without a doubt, Jaguar The Chronographer is a piece of unique aesthetics, and therefore transmits great personality, whether for its rotund lines, its dimensions, and a design without stridency that achieves a difficult balance. It is perhaps this balance that we like the most.

A Jaguar The Chronographer Tailored to You

One of the most unique pieces in the Jaguar collection is available to our customers with various aesthetic options, all of them absolutely beautiful and powerful, just as our founder envisioned when he started his watchmaking adventure.

Pieces with the case in silver-colored steel, gold steel, or even in rose gold-colored steel, equipped with silver stainless steel bracelets, or gold stainless steel or also with high-quality bovine leather straps, all of them with clasps signed with the iconic feline that symbolizes the brand.

As for the dials, this watch is available in silver, black, navy blue, or forest green dials, highlighting the golden color of the edge of the sub-dials and the date windows in the gold case references. Among the options offered by the dial, there is also the possibility of having a unit with the classic and timeless Roman numerals, or the more dynamic Arabic numbers. Even if none of the options are for you, you can opt for versions with indices instead of numbers.

The hands are made of stainless steel, mainly in silver color, although there is also the option of blue hands, for silver-colored dials, and black hands, for gold stainless steel cases. To achieve greater contrast and make it enormously attractive, the second hand of the forest green, navy blue, and black dial units takes on a fiery red color that undoubtedly catches the eye. There is even a version where all the sub-dial hands have been chosen in that striking color.

Surely one of these options is ideal for you!

A Perfect Chronograph for Any Occasion

This 45 mm Jaguar watch is a versatile piece that can be worn on any occasion. It is perfect for work, leisure, or special occasions. However, it must be said that its imposing presence will attract the attention of everyone within your reach!

Due to its robust construction and high quality in the Jaguar manufacture, the high-end Swiss automatic movement that moves it, or its unique and elegant design that makes it a piece that does not go unnoticed, we are convinced that Jaguar The Chronographer will also be one of the favourite pieces of your watch collection.


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