New Newton Balancier movement

The most beautiful Jaguar pieces hide a protagonist: Discover the Newton Balancier movement. The latest launch from the group's R&D department.

At the beginning of 2023 Jaguar launched the new Automatic Balancier watch collection. Behind this launch is a new manufacture development, a new mechanical movement, called Newton P092BV, the final result of four years of development work.

This new movement is a real milestone in the Group’s technological development, and also offers new products with features previously unattainable for most. Thanks to the tenacity and knowledge of the R&D team, the balance wheel was able to be positioned at the same level as the dial, achieving pieces that are a real visual spectacle, the ultimate expression of Swiss watch mechanics.

In addition, among the development challenges was to make the movement a highly accurate time measurement instrument, as demonstrated by the Chronofiable certification, awarded by the Dubuis external laboratory.

This development is a new demonstration of Jaguar’s commitment to mechanical watch tradition and innovation.


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